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Life Hypnosis can benefit all


This application is ideal if you are: interested in reducing your weight, feeling fulfilled more easily with a slimmer appearance and if you are interested in feeling less stressed with better sleep without worries or if are interested in achieving success without procrastinating / making excuses in the mind. Then this application is for you.

Hypnosis for weight loss

Our weight loss hypnosis treatments ensure your current weight will be healthier one. These solutions make it possible to still enjoy food, feeling more energetic, making the impression wanted with a slimmer body. It can also improve the speed of your metabolic rate. Results are immediate.


We specialise in successful stress reduction or removal, helping clients to see an improvement in their wellbeing in achieving this. The app needs only to be used once, but it can be used more times to ensure the issue can be resolved without expensive fees.

Get Better Sleep

The app can address mild or severe symptoms resulting in natural sleep. A small change will improve other areas of life achieving the necessary balance for a more successfull and healthier life.

Use Head phones

For the safety of the user, we have designed the application to be only used with head phones. This ensures privacy. The main Volume of the Iphone may have to be adjusted. The first time the application is run, click the button entitled 'instructions' and read the information displayed on the screen. Get app and try free 

Plan your future

Perhaps, you are doing a job you dislike? Whether it be your career, next job or next stage in life, important decisions have to made to ensure the life you are living is the one you want for the long term and the short term. This 'Life Hypnosis' app will help the sub conscious achieve the success it wants to achieve for every part of the body and mind to be healthier for the rest of you life.

Can you see the result?

The NEW iPhone 'Life Hypnosis' app for ios5 and 6 is designed to help people lose weight and get sexy look.

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